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HVAC Problems That Often Require Emergency Repair Service

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You rely on your heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to heat and cool the inside of your home, but your HVAC system may encounter problems during its lifetime that will need to be fixed. Not all HVAC problems need immediate attention, but some issues could result in an HVAC emergency situation that should be resolved quickly by professionals.

Emergency HVAC repair services are often needed to resolve the following issues.

No Heat

If your home's heater stops working in the dead of winter, you could face danger if the inside of your home gets too cold. Your heater could be blowing out cold air or possibly have stopped running altogether. Whether your heater no longer works because of old parts, clogged drain lines, or thermostat issues, emergency HVAC professionals can inspect your heater carefully to identify the source of the problem and implement the proper solution. 

No Cold Air

Your air conditioner might also stop working when you least expect it, and this could cause the inside of your home to get dangerously hot if the outdoor temperature spikes. Old or faulty fans, evaporator coils, and compressors often render air conditioners useless until the problem is fixed. If you don't want your home to feel like an oven on the hottest summer days, you should get any issues with your air conditioner resolved right away.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant, which is also known as Freon, is a fluid that's needed to give your air conditioner the cooling power that it needs to work. Refrigerant leaks aren't always so easy to detect, but the fluid might be leaking from your air conditioner if you hear hissing sounds or notice a lack of airflow coming from your unit. Your evaporator coil might also freeze if the refrigerant is leaking, and the ice could melt and cause water to leak from your system. If a refrigerant leak continues to persist, you could experience health problems, such as nausea or trouble breathing.

Gas Leak

Gas leaks from an HVAC system can sometimes be difficult to notice since the gas that's used in these systems is naturally odorless. To make it easier to detect a gas leak, gas suppliers often add a rotten egg odor to the gas to alert home occupants of a problem right away. A gas leak can be hazardous to your health and also increase the chances of a house fire, so it's important to contact professionals right away for emergency HVAC repair service.

You never know when you might have an HVAC emergency situation on your hands. Thankfully, emergency HVAC repair experts are always standing by to come to you at a moment's notice.