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Divide And Conquer: Understanding The Benefits Of AC Zoning

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If you're installing a new air conditioning system or upgrading an existing one, there's one decision that will likely hang over your head: zoning. Zoning splits your home's HVAC system into multiple regions, allowing you to set different temperatures for different parts of your home. Adding zones to your home will add some cost to your installation, but it comes with some major benefits. 

Unfortunately, many people may not have used zoned HVAC systems before, so the benefits may not be immediately obvious. If you're mulling over this important decision, check out these three ways dividing your home's air conditioning system can help you conquer numerous comfort and cost issues.

1. Less Wasted Energy

A single-zone air conditioning system has a tough job. No matter the size of your home, you're likely not occupying the entire structure at one time. Even large families often have multiple rooms or parts of their home that go unused at certain times. For example, your home's bedrooms may be mostly empty during the day. A single-zone system will cool these areas, wasting energy on unoccupied spaces.

Installing a zoned air conditioning system allows you to cool only the parts of your home that you use. You may want to keep your downstairs area cool and comfortable during the day but switch to cooling your bedrooms at night. By setting your thermostats to higher temperatures in unused parts of your house, you may be able to reduce your AC operating costs drastically.

2. Fewer Arguments

Have you ever fought with your kids or your significant other over the best thermostat setting? Everyone has their preferences regarding temperature; one person's comfort can be someone else's misery. These differing opinions can lead to arguments and the unfortunate reality that someone is always uncomfortable in their home.

Multiple zones can diffuse these tensions by allowing different family members to set differing temperatures. One part of your home can be icy cold while another remains warm and toasty, and everyone stays happy and comfortable. While zoning won't solve all of your family disputes, it can at least help suppress those pesky thermostat arguments.

3. More Flexibility

HVAC contractors size air conditioners for the overall needs of your house, but cooling needs can vary substantially between areas. For example, rooms with many south-facing windows may have a high heat load, while heavily shaded rooms with few windows will often remain naturally cooler. A single-zone system has no flexibility to deal with these issues, potentially creating hot and cold spots.

By zoning your home to account for your differing cooling needs, you'll have much more flexibility when choosing thermostat setpoints. Instead of dealing with some rooms being much warmer or colder than others, your system can adjust for these extra cooling loads automatically. As a result, you'll enjoy more consistent comfort and potentially lower utility bills.

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