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When Is The Perfect Time To Replace An Air Conditioner?

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Replacing or upgrading your air conditioning unit can help increase your home's value. But when is the best time to invest in an air conditioning replacement? Well, you can tell that your home needs a new AC unit if you spot the following signs.

Your AC Is Pretty Old

AC units aren't designed to last forever. And as you'd expect, your air conditioner will lose efficiency as it ages. So, if your unit has already hit 10+ years, you should set aside replacement funds. Otherwise, the AC will blow warm air or develop other major problems. Besides, the technology in a 15-year-old AC is already obsolete, and your home can do with an upgrade.

Frequent Repairs

Frequent repairs indicate that your air conditioning unit is due for replacement. Assuming you have had your unit for more than a decade, you might have to pay for repairs a couple of times every year. Unless you are comfortable spending money on air conditioner repairs, you should get a replacement. The new AC system can go for another decade without breaking down and save you money in the long run.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Your cooling bills can also inform you about your air conditioner's health. The bill should remain low if you have been maintaining your AC unit as required. On the other hand, a failing or aging AC unit will always consume a lot of electricity. 

Remember, the old AC unit will struggle to cool your house, meaning it must run for hours to keep your family comfortable. That explains why the electricity bills keep on fluctuating. If it's impossible to lower the cooling bills, you'll have to install a new air conditioning unit.

Your AC Uses Freon

Do you own an AC unit that uses Freon? Well, you should start preparing to replace your unit. As you might know, Freon refrigerant was banned in the U.S. If your AC system uses Freon, you can't get the refrigerant refilled. With that in mind, you'll need to purchase a new unit because Freon is no longer manufactured in the U.S. 

The Unit Is Always Noisy

If your air conditioning unit has been producing strange, loud noises, it might be time to get a replacement. A technician can fix the noise problem, but you'll need to replace it if it keeps recurring. Otherwise, your house will sound like a factory whenever you turn on the air conditioner. Besides, strange noises indicate that your AC unit has major problems. So, it would be wise to get a replacement before your current one breaks down.

For more information about air conditioning replacement, contact a local company.