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3 Signs Of A Faulty Commercial AC Compressor

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A compressor is a core unit of your commercial AC. If any damage happens to your compressor, you'll develop issues with your office's or premises' temperatures. However, early diagnosis ensures the problem doesn't worsen. So, you save money you would spend to repair worse problems or get a replacement.

Discover three telltale signs that your commercial AC compressor needs an AC repair.

1. The Compressor Won't Turn On

When the compressor isn't on, you may notice that your fans and condensing unit are on, but your environment is too hot. In such a case, first, turn down the thermostat to see if the compressor kicks on. If nothing changes, your compressor could have failed already.

A compressor is an expensive component you wouldn't want to mess with. So, if you suspect compressor issues, call a commercial HVAC company right away. Experts have the right tools and knowledge for a deeper diagnosis to determine whether you need an AC repair or replacement.

2. The Circuit Breaker Trips Repeatedly

A faulty compressor could overheat and draw a lot of power. As a result, the exterior unit of your commercial HVAC trips the circuit breaker repeatedly. An overheated compressor could point to serious electrical issues that you shouldn't ignore.

If your commercial AC causes repetitive trips, don't reset the circuit breaker or turn on the system repeatedly. If you do, you won't solve the root problem and may make the premises prone to fire hazards. So, let an AC repair expert inspect your compressor and the unit's electrical circuit for an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

3. The Compressor Unit Makes Weird Sounds

Your Commercial HVAC compressor generates familiar noises that are usually not a bother. However, if you notice unusual sounds, your compressor could have any of the problems below:

  • Loose crankshaft, piston pump, or connection rod

  • Excessive internal pressure

  • Refrigerant leaks 

  • Worn-out motor mounts that allow undesirable motion

  • Bent fan screen where the fan blades repetitively knock against the screen

  • Malfunctioning controls and relays

The louder the noise, the worse the underlying problem. Yet, you can fix faulty compressor noises easily if you let an AC repair technician identify the root problem early enough. In most cases, the problem lies with one or a few components that experts can replace to save your compressor.


Commercial HVAC problems impact your employees' productivity and customer satisfaction. So, the earlier you solve a compressor problem, the better for your commercial HVAC and business space. Finally, always trust a licensed AC repair expert to handle your compressor to ensure quality services. For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.