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What Causes Leaks In An Air Conditioner?

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Leaking water is a common problem with AC units. The water can leak inside or outside the unit. However, leaks don't just occur. There must be an issue or malfunction causing your AC unit to leak water. This article will focus on some common causes of the leaks. All in all, you should call an air conditioning repair service once you notice the leaks.

Dirty Air Filter

Failing to change your air filter can bring a host of problems to your home. A dirty air filter not only ruins the air in your home but also causes leaks. It does so by blocking airflow to the evaporator coil. Once the air circulation is cut, the evaporation coil becomes cold to the extent it freezes. Unfortunately, the ice will eventually melt and drip into the drip pan. The melting water may overwhelm your drip pan, causing water to leak. That's why you are advised to replace the air filter frequently.

Faulty Condensate Pump

Air conditioning units that are fixed in basements depend on a condensate pump to remove water outside the home. So, if the condensate pump breaks, water will not leave the air conditioning unit but will back up into your home. An AC technician can repair the condensate pump if the problem is minor. If it's irreparable, you might need to replace the pump.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Your air conditioner uses the condensate line to drain water out of your home. As such, the condensate drain line is essential when it comes to keeping your home comfortable.

Unfortunately, the drain line might clog if you fail to maintain it. And as you know, a clogged drain line won't allow water to escape. As such, your AC system will drip water or even fail to cool your home. You'll need to unclog and clean the condensate drain line to correct the problem.

Cracked Drain Overflow Plan

Air conditioning units have a drain overflow pan that catches overflowing water. Unfortunately, most people don't inspect the drain overflow pan. As such, it can take time to note cracks or other problems. A damaged or cracked drain overflow plan will allow water to leak before it gets to the drain hose. Always inspect the edges and corners of your overflow pan to ensure it's watertight.

Water leaking from your air conditioner is a problem you should take seriously. Don't ignore it, as your air conditioning system might have an underlying issue. If you can't fix it by yourself, call an HVAC professional for air conditioning repair.