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Need Commercial AC Repair Services? Here's What To Expect During Your Appointment

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There's nothing as stressful as dealing with a broken-down AC during the hot season. However, your frustration won't last long if you seek the help of an experienced AC repair contractor. Unlike other appliances at your place of work, air conditioners are complex and dangerous to handle. By taking a DIY approach, you'll likely get electrocuted or exposed to the refrigerant, which can cause health complications. So, the next time you schedule commercial AC repairs, here are a few things you can expect from your repair expert.

They'll Access Your Commercial Unit's Electrical Parts

Depending on the nature of your problem, your technician may inspect the different electrical parts of your AC. Remember that electrical components play a crucial role in the effective operation of your unit, so when they have issues, you'll experience reduced performance. While your unit may seem to work perfectly fine, failing to address minor issues can result in unexpected failure. This is the case when you have loose wiring or a faulty capacitor.

They'll Inspect The Condition Of Your Unit

Some of the common air conditioning problems arise because of a faulty thermostat. When your AC repair technician arrives, they start by inspecting whether your problem is arising from a thermostat that's switched to "heat" or "turned off." If this isn't the cause of your problem, they'll turn on the thermostat and observe whether it cycles the AC. If it doesn't, the chances are that the batteries are dead or it has faulty wiring. These are issues that your technician can easily handle.

Expect To Have Some Parts Or The Entire Unit Replaced

Based on the nature of your issue, your technician will make a replacement of specific parts. For instance, if a clogged air filter is the root cause of your problem, they will make a replacement and advise you on how often you should change it in the future. If you have had frequent breakdowns in the recent past, your unit could be approaching the end of its useful life. If this is the case, a replacement may be the only solution for such problems.

They'll Inspect For Obstructions That Prevent Effective Performance

Most outdoor air conditioning units are exposed to a lot of dirt and debris. A heavy buildup of such dirt can damage the coils, which can significantly reduce the efficiency of your unit. Your technician will clean the coils and unclog any blockages on parts that lead to the outside of your office, like the condensate drain line. 

Commercial air conditioning units are designed to keep your business premises comfortable, and when they experience any problem, ensure that they're handled promptly. This guide has explored what to expect during the visit of your technician.

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