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5 Signs It's Time To Call An HVAC Contractor For Heating Repair

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When the weather gets colder, a lot of people find themselves suddenly dealing with heating issues. If you've been having any of these five signs from your heating unit, it might be time for repairs:

Unusual Noise

The first sign that it's time to call the technician is when there is strange or unusual noise coming from your heater. The most common sounds are popping and hissing noises. This means that there's air in the system and not all parts are moving as they should under pressure. The clicking sound means something is caught in the blower motor too. These sounds aren't dangerous but they definitely indicate a problem.

No Heat

The biggest issue that arises during cold months is getting no heat at all. The heater may turn on but you won't feel any heat coming out of the vents. This problem also comes with a burning smell that is similar to what you would expect from an old car's exhaust system.

The Indoor Temperature is Colder Than Usual

If you notice that your home is always unusually cold and the heating system is not able to produce enough heat to warm it up, this may be a sign that there's something wrong with your heating system. This could be caused by clogged air ducts and filters that prevent air from traveling through them and heating up the rooms as needed. You need a technician to inspect and repair the system so that the unit can work efficiently.

The Age of the Furnace

All furnaces have an expected lifespan. If your heater isn't that old, there shouldn't be any expected problems but if it's getting close to or more than its expiration date, you should get it inspected professionally before winter sets in. A professional technician can point out flaws and signs of disrepair that might finally cause some serious issues during the colder months and this will give you some time to plan for new heating equipment. They can also do routine maintenance and repairs on older units so they'll run at full capacity when temperatures drop.

Leaking Gas

A leaking gas line is potentially dangerous and should be dealt with immediately. If you spot a leak in any part of your heater, call in a professional technician right away and don't try to fix the problem yourself. Gas leaks are indicated by dirt settling on exposed piping or even moisture forming near vents which didn't used to be there before.

In conclusion, all of these signs indicate problems with your heating unit. Now might be a good time to call in a HVAC technician right away and address the issues before things get worse.

If you need some furnace repair, be sure to talk to  some local contractors in your area.