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Your Boiler Isn't Working Properly? Signs You Need Repairs

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A boiler giving out on a cold day or the dead of winter can be one of the most frustrating household problems. Boilers are often economical and highly reliable, but they have a reputation for cropping up problems when you least expect it. Some of these problems can result in massive water damage to your home, leading to expensive repairs. Here are some common damages you are likely to experience and some recommended repairs. 

Boiler Is Leaking

If your boiler is leaking, you are dealing with a serious problem that indicates an internal component is broken. If left to persist too long, you could soon be dealing with corrosion, rust, short-circuits, and a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Determining the source requires an expert to check if water is leaking from the pressure valve or pipe fittings or escaping from the chamber due to a broken seal. A professional specializing in boiler maintenance will inspect and repair the damaged part with ease. If the damage is extensive, you will be forced to replace the entire unit.

Pressure Is Too Low

The efficiency of your boiler greatly relies on the perfect balance of water and air to provide stable pressure. Every unit includes a pressure gauge that indicates a standard operating pressure, which you might want to check to make sure you have the correct settings. If everything appears as it should but you are still dealing with low pressure, you could be dealing with a water leak or a bleeding radiator. Avoid interfering with the casings in an attempt to check for the leak, and talk to a qualified technician who can locate and remedy the issue. 

Lack of Hot Water 

Whatever boiler you have, you likely know just how vital hot water is to your daily life. That said, your boiler could lose its heating capabilities due to a damaged energy supply, a wrongly adjusted or broken thermostat, frozen pipes, or faulty motorized valves. You might also be dealing with a wrongly adjusted timer or an airlock in the system. In these situations, you should avoid assessing the issues without the help of a competent repair technician. Whatever the problem is, they will repair your system and restore proper heating.

These are some of the common boiler issues that you need to repair immediately. Hire a boiler repair technician to check the system, find the problem, and help you fix it.