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Air Conditioning Fixes You Can Try Yourself

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Your air conditioner is one of the most important parts of your house during a hot summer, and yet it can be something that gets overlooked while it's working properly. Maybe you haven't focused on regular maintenance as you should, and now your AC has stopped working. Whether it's blowing warm air or it won't turn on at all, it's important to you and your family to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Your best solution might be to contact a local air-conditioning repair professional, but if you want to see if you can solve the problem with a quick fix of your own, here are some solutions that might work.

Check If Your Breaker System Needs Reset

Maybe your neighborhood suffered a power surge, or maybe you plugged one too many electronic devices into the same part of the house. Whatever the reason for your AC not turning on, your first potential fix could be a simple one. Simply flip the switches in your breaker box, and reset the breaker the AC is running off of. If this doesn't work, the issue is likely with the AC system itself.

Your Thermostat Can't Tell Your Central Air What to Do If the Batteries Are Dead

If your thermostat doesn't seem to be responding or isn't turning on at all, the rest of the central air system is going to follow suit. A set of fresh batteries might be all you need to get the thermostat communicating with the HVAC system again. It's also possible the thermostat could have dust in it or need to be repaired. But this will be much less expensive than an air-conditioning repair or replacement.

Your AC Won't Function Properly if a Clogged Filter or Too Much Ice is Getting in the Way

Some regular cleaning and maintenance for your air conditioner can go a long way. If you have a window unit and the condenser coils are creating too much ice along the back of the unit, it won't cool much of anything for you. Turn the AC off, and let the ice melt naturally or chip away at it if you can do so without harming the unit. Your AC filter should also be cleaned or swapped out once a month during heavy summer use in order to ensure proper airflow and efficient operation.

If these quick solutions do not resolve your AC needs, you should contact an air-conditioning repair service in your area.