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Heating Services To Finish Up The Winter Season And Prepare For Summer

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As the weather gets nicer, you will be using your heating less. The problem is that you will still need it during cold nights, and upkeep is still needed. The summer months will be quickly approaching, and you want to be able to turn your furnace off and the AC on. Therefore, there is some heating maintenance that needs to be done. The following heating services will help you get through the final weeks of winter and prepare for summer:

  • Have Your HVAC Blower and Ductwork Inspected — The HVAC blower is often a component of your furnace air handler that will need to be inspected before turning the heating off. This blower can also be used for the AC system. Therefore, it is important that it is working efficiently and that you have it repaired if needed. In addition, you will also want to inspect the ductwork for air leaks that need to be repaired.
  • Clean and Inspect the Furnace — The furnace can be less efficient if it is dirty due to working hard to keep your home warm all winter. Therefore, you will want to have it cleaned at the end of winter to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible. Now, it is also a good time to inspect your furnace for any issues that need to be repaired. This will also prevent problems with the furnace when you get ready to turn it back on next winter.
  • Calibrate the Thermostat with the Furnace — In addition to cleaning the furnace and inspecting it, you may also want to calibrate the thermostat with your heating system. This will help improve the efficiency and the accuracy of your system. In addition to the heating, this can also be done as part of an AC tune-up to prepare your system for the hot summer weather when you are going to need cooling in your home.
  • Change the Filter and Inspect the Electrical Wiring — Lastly, changing the air filters is some of the most important maintenance your system needs whether you are using the heating or the AC. In addition, have an HVAC technician inspect all the vents and inspect your system's electrical wiring to ensure there are no problems. It is important to address any electrical issues because these problems can also affect your AC during the hot summer months.

The last of the maintenance to your heating system needs to be done now while you are still using your system. Contact heating services for help with upkeep and repairs before you turn your system off.