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Refrigeration Considerations For Your Food Truck Upgrade

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You may have started your food truck business with an older model food truck. Over time and as your business grew, you likely have started looking at better refrigeration. Before you settle on a new refrigeration unit or system, you should consider a few key points of the upgrade. Here are some of those key points and what you need to know about each one.

Type of Business

Food trucks are not all the same, which you know as a food truck owner. What you may not know is that this means that the refrigeration needs are also not all the same. You need to determine what your specific needs are. This not only deals with your food refrigeration needs, but also with how long you are working in the food truck, how long food needs to stay refrigerated, and the environment you are in. For example, an extremely warm climate may require a refrigeration unit that has more power than one that is in a colder climate or environment.

Support for the Unit

Something you may not consider right away is the support you can receive for the unit after you purchase and have it installed. For example, you may have a one year warranty for parts and maintenance. What you may not have is a warranty that suits your needs after that initial one year. You need to make sure that the refrigeration system you choose has a suitable aftermarket maintenance plan or options so that if it does break down, you are not left having to purchase a full system.

Area Health Codes 

Area health codes can play an important role in the type of refrigeration unit you consider. When you bought your food truck, it likely already had refrigeration installed. The unit, as well as the truck itself, was likely already up to code. This meant you didn't have to consider the health codes for the unit at the time of purchase. Now, you will need to make sure that the unit you choose meets the code for the type of food you are storing, the length of time you are storing it, and for any emission rulings that are in place. 

When you are ready to upgrade the refrigeration on your food truck, contact your local contractor. They can help you with the proper options, fit out, and the installation. They may also be able to help with removal of the current refrigeration system if necessary. If you have any questions regarding prices or maintenance, the contractors will be able to help with those during a consultation.

For more information about refrigeration, contact a local business.