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Reasons Your AC Could Need Repairs That You Might Not Think About

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Air conditioner problems can develop for strange reasons, so when your AC isn't working right, it's good to call a repair service to check it out. You might think you know what's causing the problem only to find out the situation is more serious than you think. Running an air conditioner that isn't working properly could cause damage to the unit. Here are some things that can go wrong with an AC that you might not think about.

Damage By Animals

If there's a gap in the condenser cage where animals can get under or inside the unit, then your AC is at risk of damage. Anything that crawls through your yard and is small enough could find its way inside the cage. This might include mice, snakes, lizards, frogs, ants, or bees. An animal doesn't have to be very big to cause your AC to malfunction. A snake or mouse could interfere with the wiring connections and cause your AC to not turn on or to turn on and not shut off. Even insects might cause damage if there's enough of them and they get on sensitive components.

Repairing damage caused by animals will probably need an HVAC technician since electrical components could be involved. Fortunately, your air conditioner is built to be tough, so it tolerates the outdoors, but it can be vulnerable to creatures that can squeeze inside the condenser. You might need to place wire mesh around the bottom of your AC or where there is a gap so creatures stay on the lawn where they belong.

Rusting Of Components

If you have annual AC maintenance done, the technician can spot signs of rust early. If you neglect regular service calls, metal parts of the unit could corrode and finally cause your AC to break down. Rust develops when humidity is high or when the AC is exposed to constant moisture. A solution that might prevent this is to avoid leaving your HVAC off for long periods of time. If you don't need the heat or AC, then operate the fan occasionally. Once parts rust, they have to be replaced with new ones.

Mold Growing Inside The AC

It's not pleasant to think about mold growing in your air conditioner and then spreading through your house when your AC kicks on. However, mold can grow in your AC as well as the ducts. This happens when there is a moisture problem combined with a source of food for mold. Dust gets drawn inside your AC continually, and when it collects, it provides a food source for mold. Excess moisture might happen due to condensation drainage problems in the drain line. This could also cause the floor around the AC to get wet and suffer from water damage. This type of AC repair requires a deep cleaning of the unit and possibly the ducts to remove mold and dust. Also, the problem with the condensation line must be repaired so water can drain outdoors like it should.

If you think that your AC may need repairs, speak to an AC repair professional.