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4 AC Repairs That Winter Weather May Cause During The Months Your System Is Off

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The winter months can cause a lot of problems with your AC, and when the warm spring weather is here, you are going to need to inspect the system for damage. Sometimes, the repairs may be simple to do with a little maintenance, but they can also be serious problems that you will want to have a professional fix. The following tips will help you deal with damage to your AC that has happened during winter weather: 

Pests and Moisture That Cause Damage to Ducts During the Winter Months  

The ducts of your HVAC system are something that you may not think much about, but they also need to be maintained and repaired when they are damaged. Over the winter months, pests and moisture can cause damage to the ducts that need to be repaired to prevent problems with energy loss and excessive wear of your AC.  

Condensation Lines That Had Water in Them and Were Damaged During Winter Weather   

Condensation lines are an important component of AC systems that allow water to drain out. These lines need to be cleaned out and plugged during the winter month to prevent cold temperatures from causing damage to them. Check the condensation drain lines for leaks and damage before you start using the AC during warm spring weather.  

Winter Storms and The Damage That They Can Cause to The Condensing Unit Outside of Your Home  

Winter storms can bring heavy snow, ice, and winds, which can also cause damage to the condensing unit outside. After the winter weather has passed, check your AC to ensure that no debris has fallen on it and caused it to be damaged. If it was not covered in autumn, check the unit for damage and problems with mold and mildew growth that can cause problems with freezing and odors during the hot summer months.  

Dirty AC Parts That Can Cause the AC to Freeze and Not Cool After Winter Weather Has Past  

The dirt that collects on AC parts can also cause damage to your AC after winter ends. This is due to condensation forming and freezing, which can lead to damage to the compressor and leaks. To prevent these problems and costly repairs, keep your AC clean. If your AC is freezing, have an AC repair service check the compressor for damage and make sure that coolant gas is not leaking.  

These are some of the repairs that your AC may need after the winter weather has caused damage. If you need help with repairs after winter damage, contact an air conditioning service for help repairing the damage and getting ready for warm spring weather.