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Why Use A Ductless HVAC System In Your Home

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Need to add cooling and heating to your home? If so, you'll be trying to decide between all of the different HVAC systems available to you. You may find that a ductless system is going to be the ideal choice for your home due to the following reasons.

Ductless Systems Save Money

One deciding factor in your decision-making process will likely be the cost of using the heating and cooling system for your home. While a ductless HVAC system is going to have a large initial cost to be installed, you'll end up saving money over the years. Ductless systems require less maintenance to keep it up and running, and you'll end up making fewer repairs as a result. In addition, the ductless system is very energy efficient since it doesn't require ductwork where a lot of air is lost.

Ductless Systems Have A Simple Installation

Many heating and cooling systems have a complicated installation process that involves a fair amount of demolition to make it work. Radiant heating involves placing a heating element under the floor, and forced air systems require ductwork that needs to be placed within the walls. This can be problematic to retrofit into a home when the infrastructure doesn't exist to make it work.

Meanwhile, ductless systems will be installed by your heating services technician very quickly. Holes need to be made in exterior walls, but there is the work required is minimal compared to other heating and cooling systems. This allows the installation to be quick and easy for you.

Ductless Systems Have Flexible Unit Placement

The great thing about ductless HVAC systems is that they can be placed where you want them so that is doesn't impact your room. As long as the unit is placed on an exterior wall, you can make it work for your room however you want. No need to worry about ductwork that is being blocked by furniture, or air not being able to reach places of a large room. You can place the ductless unit where it will work best and be out of the way.

Ductless Systems Have Zones

Don't use certain rooms within your home during the year? Those zones can be turned off so you are only heating or cooling the rooms that you use. This is another way that ductless systems are energy efficient and help save you money, which cannot be done with forced-air HVAC systems.