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Is Your Boiler Repairable?

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The first time that your boiler breaks down, you may not be concerned. But, if it happens a few times, you have to consider if it is worth having another boiler repair carried out. There will obviously be a cost to replacing it, but probably one to have another repair carried out as well.

In the meantime, there are inconveniences around the house including:

  • You have to boil a kettle to wash the dishes

  • Cold showers are no fun

  • If it is winter, there is no way to keep warm other than expensive heaters.

Considering replacement

This is always an option, but it is going to be expensive. You need to consider how old the boiler is and if it is more energy-efficient than the replacement. If it is very old, it may not be possible to get the parts anymore in which case, the decision has been taken out of your hands. To decide if this is right for you, there are a number of questions you should ask including:

  • Is the boiler coming to the end of its productive life?

  • Are you going to lose efficiency by changing boilers?

  • How much is it going to cost me to repair the boiler?

  • Up until now, has the boiler been reliable?

  • If you get a new boiler, will that put an end to the heating problems?

Until the reason for the fault is found, it is hard to say if it is going to make sense to go ahead with a boiler repair or get a new boiler fitted. There are many problems that can be dealt with by repair.

Losing pressure

This is normally caused by a water leak. Once this is fixed, the system should go back to normal. Even if that is not the cause and it is, in fact, an issue with the pressure valve, this can also be dealt with by repair. You simply have to replace the pressure relief valve. An issue with pressure can also lead to the boiler turning off with little or no notice and you can usually treat that by fixing or replacing the thermostat.


You can become aware of needing a boiler repair when the radiators do not work properly. If they are no longer heating up, there could be dirt backing up in the system. This can be dealt with by way of flushing the system.

If there is any other problem with the boiler, the selected technician will be able to detect it and provide a working solution. For more information, reach out to companies like Rickett Industrial Environmental Systems.