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Parts Of Your Dryer That Can Go Bad And Cause It To Stop Tumbling

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It's frustrating to put a load of wet clothes in the dryer only to find the dryer won't start. This problem can happen suddenly or give signs in advance that something is wrong. Whatever the problem is, you need to have it repaired quickly unless you're lucky enough to have an outdoor clothesline to get your things dry. Here are some possible causes of a dryer that won't tumble.

The Door Switch

There's a small switch on the dryer door that has to be triggered before the dryer will start tumbling. This is the same switch that turns off the dryer when you open the door. This switch can be broken off sometimes, and when this happens, you'll need to have a new one installed to get your dryer working again.

The Belt

A bad belt is a common reason a dryer won't tumble. The belt is driven by a motor, and the belt causes the basket in your dryer to tumble When the belt gets old, it might fray or become loose. If the belt breaks suddenly, you might not get much warning. However, it's common for the belt to wear out gradually and you might notice the speed of the basket tumbling slower or erratically. There might even be unusual noises coming from the dryer that signals something is wrong.

If the basket in your dryer changes from its usual behavior, you should consider that the belt is worn and could break soon. Then, you can have repairs done at your convenience and before the dryer stops spinning completely. One way to check for a bad belt is to turn the dryer off and spin the basket by hand. A good belt will provide some resistance. If the basket spins freely, the belt might be broken off or very loose.

The Motor

It's also possible for the motor that runs the belt to malfunction due to worn parts. When this happens, the repair technician may have to take the motor apart to repair it. A motor might give signals in advance of its failure by humming or making other unusual noises. The problem could be something simple such as a jam or it could be problems with the electronic parts.

Other failed components can contribute to motor failure too. There are parts on the dryer drum that allow the basket to glide smoothly as it turns. If these parts wear down, the basket can stick and cause the motor to overheat and break down. Repairing this problem could involve replacing the drum parts as well as repairing the motor.

An appliance repair technician can diagnose the problem with your dryer using various meters and tools. Since some of the problems might involve electrical components, you should use caution when attempting DIY repairs even if you have the dryer unplugged. Hiring an appliance repair service is the safe and convenient option for dryer repair since you won't have to risk your safety or spend time tracking down parts.