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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

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Your air conditioning system is one of the only ways that you are able to get through a super hot summer day. There is something extremely relaxing and refreshing walking in from the sun and experiencing a nice cool seventy degrees. However, to maintain that nice cool temperature the air conditioning system has to work extremely hard. The extra strain put on air conditioners during the summer months are why so many malfunctions occur during the summer. There are a few different things that you can do that will help keep your air conditioning system up and running through the entire summer:

Air Ducts

A major problem in many air conditioning systems are the air ducts, and these are often overlooked. The air ducts are the only way that the air conditioning is transported to the rooms. If the air ducts are blocked with dust or other debris then the room will not be cooled. This is obviously not good for the room, but it actually puts a lot of strain on the air conditioning unit. Much like a blocked artery puts extra strain and pressure on a heart. You want to clear up that debris as soon as possible. Every month you should take a vacuum to the vents through your home. Then, once every year you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned.


The compressor is a vital part of the air conditioning system. This is where the air is pulled in from the outside, cooled, and sent in the home. The compressor is outside and therefore often forgotten about. Take a trip to your yard and ensure that there is no vegetation encroaching on the compressor.You should open the compressor up and clean out all debris from inside the compressor, and then bend all fins straight to allow maximum airflow. The compressor also needs to be completely level. If your compressor is not already, have a concrete slab poured to help your compressor stay level. 


It can be hard to catch the little things that could be going wrong with your air conditioning system even if you are changing filters and performing maintenance, so it is a very good idea to have a technician come each spring to inspect the system. This will allow for a professional to look at the system and catch those small problems that escalate into major problems. The little money that it costs for an inspection is well worth it when a major malfunction is avoided.