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For the Summer, Do These Air Conditioning Tasks

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Whenever the weather begins to warm and fans aren't keeping you as cool as you need to be, turning on the air conditioning unit can be the best possible solution. To keep cool, brisk air flowing, however, you need to pay special attention to the unit before starting it up. If you can do the following tasks before summer begins, cool air can fill your entire home all season.

Clear the Area

Some people are only concerned with whether the exterior HVAC unit is powered up and cooling living spaces. However, foreseeing and addressing possible problems is vital if you want to cool indoor air all summer. One action that should be handled before your unit is on is checking the area surrounding the main A/C unit. Over the autumn and winter, grass, dead branches and leaves, twigs, and other matter could build up and cause trouble. Grass that has grown too long could reach into the unit and cause trouble for the blades, while other debris can otherwise infiltrate the system. Help your unit avoid problems by cleaning these out beforehand.

Check the Filter

In your unit, the filter acts as protection so that particles don't make their way into the cooled air that runs through air ducts into the house. The filter is one of the most overlooked and ignored components of the unit, but failing to monitor the filter for clogs or damage could mean that allergens run through the air conditioning unit and air quality could also be down.

For those reasons, make it a point to have your eyes on the unit filter. The unit's manual will describe the filter's location, so you can brush it off or completely replace it, depending on its integrity.

Look inside Ducts

Once cooled air travels out of your A/C unit into your ducts, it's only a matter of seconds before it reaches you. However, you have to ensure that the ducts carrying the air are in good working condition. That's why you need to know what your ducts look like from the inside, so they can be kept clear. For instance, with a flashlight, look deep into your ducts to check for bits of items that your kids may have pushed in there, or other signs of debris, and remove accordingly.

Paying attention to the unit cooling your air will pay off throughout any hot summer. Having an HVAC professional check out the whole system can also ensure that problems are unlikely while you use the unit.

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