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The Summer Heat Means It's A Good Time For Heating Upgrades: 3 Of The Best Heating Improvements To Do Before Winter Arrives

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Soon, winter will be here and you will have forgotten about the heating system in your home during these hot days. Even though your heater is off for the summer, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are still needed. Summer is a great time to consider heating improvements before the cold arrives so that you avoid disruptions during the winter months. Here are a few of the heating improvements to have done while the weather is warm:

1. Replacing Radiators with Radiant Heating

Radiant flooring is a great improvement if you have a home with conventional radiators. Have a heating contractor remove the old radiators and replace them with in-floor heating systems. You will have to have the floors of your home torn up and replaced, but it is something that will get rid of unsightly radiators; giving you more valuable floor and wall space to use for whatever you want in your interior design.

2. Adding Ductless Heating and Cooling to Areas Without Air Conditioning

Ductless HVAC is an alternative to conventional central heating and cooling systems. If there are areas of your home without HVAC, ductless mini-split systems are a great option. These systems will be installed without any interruptions to the main heating and cooling in your home. In addition, cooling is great for areas like garage shops and sunrooms, and you will be able to use the system right after it is installed to stay cool the rest of the summer.

3. Replacing an Old Furnace for Modern, Efficient HVAC Improvements

If you have an old gas, electric, or heating oil furnace, it is a good time to consider a replacement. Modern furnaces are much more efficient and quieter than systems that were installed just a decade ago. In addition to the conventional gas and electric furnaces, you also have a choice of renewable energy. Biomass furnaces and boilers may be a great choice to replace an old gas furnace and reduce your winter heating costs. There are also solutions like solar water heaters, which can easily be connected to various types of home heating systems to reduce energy consumption even more.

These are some of the heating improvements that are best to do during the summer months while your heater is off. Contact a heating service and talk with them about some of these improvements for your heating before the weather changes. The heating repair service will be able to help with upgrades and repairs, so you do not have to deal with them when you need your heating this winter.