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Cooling A Larger Home

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If you have a large sized house then you may find that your cooling costs are more than you can handle. If this is the case you really need to find other ways of helping to keep your house so it feels cooler without constantly running your AC on a low setting. The tips here will help you stay comfortable at a cooler temperature without paying extra on your energy bills.

Block off all possible areas

Decide which areas you don't really need to keep cool, such as the laundry room, bathrooms, closets, etc. Close the doors to those areas or hang up thick blankets. If you use central air then you don't want to close off the registers, but you can point them so the air blows out toward the areas you need to keep the coolest.

Find out which areas of the house are naturally the coolest

You will have some areas in the house that naturally stay cooler. For example, basements generally stay cooler than the upstairs. Also, the side of the house that doesn't have the afternoon sun beating on it will stay cooler. Set your thermostat to keep the cooler areas at a comfortable temperature and try to rearrange the house so you can spend the majority of your time there. If your bedroom is the hottest and you have a guest room on the other side of the house that stays pretty cool, you may want to consider switching rooms, at least for the summer.

Make sure you educate everyone on the importance of keeping doors closed

You may be amazed at the amount of cool air you can lose when you simply walk through your front door. If you have a lot of people in your household then this can lead to a lot of door opening. While sometimes this is unavoidable, there are things that can be done to keep them closed much more. For example, if you know you are going to be taking care of a few different things in the yard, bring everything out with you at once, so you don't need to keep running in and out.

Keep your air conditioner serviced and maintained properly

The best thing you can do for cooling your home efficiently is to take care of your system the best you can. This means having it serviced at the start of the season (contact your local HVAC group, like Edge Guys HVAC ) and taking proper care of your air filter. Also, it's best to have someone come out right away any time you think there may be an issue with your system.