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Learning The Truth Concerning Three Air Conditioning System Misconceptions

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A basic working understanding of an air conditioning system is a piece of information that can benefit almost any homeowner. However, homeowners will frequently discover that much of their understanding about air conditioning systems is based on inaccurate myths. Correcting these notions is critical for making sure that you can avoid these issues whenever possible or respond efficiently when they do arise.

Myth: It Is Wasteful To Run Your Fans At The Same Time As The Air Conditioner

There may be times when you find that your air conditioning system is simply not cooling your house the way that you want. In situations where this is not being caused by mechanical issues with the air conditioning system, it could be attributed to inadequate airflow inside your home. If the air is not able to circulate throughout the house in an effective manner, it could lead to the cool air settling at ground level. While running the interior ceiling fans can help to combat this problem, homeowners will often avoid using these devices due to a belief that they will inhibit the system.

Myth: Cleaning The System Is Unnecessary

Maintaining an air conditioning system will not require very much mechanical work on your part as the majority of this should be done by a trained professional. However, cleaning the exterior of the air conditioning system is one task that you will always need to do. If the exterior is not regularly cleaned, large amounts of dust and other matter can clog the moving parts. Once this happens, the air conditioning unit is likely to experience substantial malfunctions and damages as the jammed components will likely warp or break.

Myth: Insects Will Not Pose A Risk To The Exterior Unit

Insects are another issue that will be experienced by air conditioning systems. As insects start to build nests, they can create blocks that can inhibit the moving parts and the supply of air to the system. Additionally, the insects may damage electrical components with their droppings or as nesting materials are gathered. As the infestation worsens, the insects will be increasingly likely to venture through the ducting to the interior of the house. Preventing this problem will require you to apply pesticides to the exterior unit each month. Without these chemicals, there would simply be no effective solution of neutralizing this particular threat.

Talk with a local air conditioning repair technician for more information.