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Air Conditioning Preparation For Weird Weather

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In many parts of the United States, seasons just aren't what they used to be. Chilly days reach into summer, while strangely hot days can interrupt snowy weather weeks. Comfort means an agile control of the air conditioning and heating systems, but budget can get in the way of the perfect indoor climate. If you're having trouble with your current system or need suggestions for new installation, here are a few air conditioning options to weigh against your budget and convenience preferences.

Central Air Conditioning Options

When trying to cool an entire home to a precise temperature or maintain the comfort of a business, central air conditioning is usually the way to go. A main unit and a set of air ducts are responsible for distributing air at a controlled temperature level, and most central air conditioning systems are expected to include heating and cooling options.

The main unit for air conditioning systems is usually the most expensive out of major heating and cooling options. You need to be willing to spend a few thousand dollars for the unit, but the cost is usually worth it. No other option allows temperature control from a central console, and as long as you keep up maintenance, your system should last long enough to pay for multiple window or wall units.

If you don't keep up proper maintenance, central air conditioning can become an expensive waste of time. In addition to changing the filters—a task that you can do on your own—the air ducts need to be cleaned, and the central unit must be checked for proper operation. Clogged vents or a system that can't produce enough temperature-controlled air means a system that has to work harder and longer, and that can drive your electric bill to expensive new heights.

Be sure to have biannual or annual maintenance checks while your system's warranty is still available, since failures during the warranty are usually a no-cost or low-cost replacement. As the last year of your warranty nears, consider an upgrade or selling your unit to make sure that you're not stuck with a unit that doesn't have a warranty—which means potentially expensive repairs and replacements that can add up to the cost of a new system.

Window And Wall Units

Small apartments that lack apartment-wide air conditioning or small homes can be served well with single, inexpensive air conditioning units. These units can either be place in the window for cooling, or the walls or standing units for heating and/or cooling.

Window air conditioning units are the most popular of this category. Depending on the size and sophistication of the window air conditioner, you can enjoy a single room of cooling comfort and tapering comfort in the rest of the room or an entire home of comfort. For homes that have twisting hallways or rooms that don't point directly into a living room, you'll need to purchase multiple units for each room that needs climate control or route air with a system of fans.

Wall units for heating can perform the same job as free-standing air heaters, but are better at saving space. There are also indoor air conditioning panels that can route air through the home, but installation should be left to a professional to find the right spot.

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