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5 Ways To Keep Cool While Waiting For AC Repair

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Having your AC stop working on a hot day is never an ideal situation. Hopefully your trusted air conditioning repair service tech is on their way, but in the meantime you need to find ways to keep your home cool without AC. Here are five ways to lower the temperature and keep your home and family comfortable until help arrives:

Draw the Curtains and Blinds

Your goal should be to create a cool sanctuary inside your home, which for now means keeping out heat and sunlight as much as possible. By closing your blinds, shades, and curtains, you will keep out as much sunshine as possible, as well as the heat that comes with it.

Close the Windows

If your air conditioning hasn't been out for long, you most likely still have cool, air conditioned air circulating in your home. Closing the windows during the day will make sure that cool air stays inside and will also help keep the hot air outside where it belongs. Once it's nighttime, you can open the windows to let in cool evening breezes.

Make Use of Fans

Fans don't technically cool things down, but they can make you feel much cooler and more comfortable by efficiently circulating air and creating a breeze. Running your ceiling fans and setting up pedestal or box fans throughout your home can do a great job of making your home feel cooler until the AC is repaired. Just make sure that the ceiling fans are set to run counter-clockwise, as this helps them pull hot air up to the ceiling while distributing cool air down below.

Minimize Appliance Usage

Appliances generate a lot of heat, so until your AC is repaired you may want to cut back on their usage. Using the oven is of course a no-no when you're attempting to cool down your home, but you should also avoid running the dishwasher, washer, and dryer right now if you can help it.

When All Else Fails, Get Out for a Bit

Sometimes while waiting for air conditioning repair, you simply need to take a break somewhere with central air. Taking a few hours to go to the mall, see a movie, or relax at your favorite coffee shop will allow you to enjoy air conditioning and make your wait go by faster.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep your home as comfortable as possible while waiting for your air conditioning to be repaired by professionals like Smedley & Associates.