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Decorating Tips For Your Home's Heating And Air Parts And Equipment

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Having a comfortable, valuable, and functional home is most likely important to you as an owner. However, incorporating a bit of style and personality into your space is also beneficial. While your heating and air conditioning system plays an important role in your family's comfort, the necessary equipment can be unattractive. Thankfully, you can enhance the look of your heating and air equipment. Using these simple solutions, your outdoor units, thermostat, and vents will be functional and appealing.


Although unseen by neighbors and passerby, some thermostats can be eye sores inside your house. Unfortunately, these small wall-mounted fixtures are necessary for controlling the temperature inside your home. If you want to change your thermostat's look, consider a picture frame.

Purchase a decorative 4x6 or 5x7 frame in a bold color. To ensure the frame stands out, select a bold color that is different from your wall and thermostat color. Remove the picture frame's glass and cardboard backing. Mount the decorative frame directly over your thermostat.

If you have more than one thermostat in your home, mount a frame over each one. Framing your thermostats is an inexpensive and simple solution to add a little personality to your home.

Register and Grills

Registers and grills allow heated and cooled air to flow into your home, but these vented covers can be unattractive sites in your house. Located on a wall or ceiling of your home, register and grill vents push conditioned air into your home. Due to this conditioned air flowing from your ductwork, you will most likely develop a dirty, dusty residue on the vents.

Unfortunately, covering them is not an option since it inhibits airflow. Without proper airflow, you will have uneven temperatures, possible moisture problems, and increased energy costs. Of course, you can still enhance the look of your registers and vents.

One of the easiest ways to add style is by replacing your outdated vent covers with decorative pieces. Available in most home improvement stores, decorative covers are affordable and easy to install. Be sure to change filters and vacuum inside the openings before installing your new covers.

If you want to change the look of your wall registers quickly, consider using a rubber doormat. Purchase a decorative rubber mat. Be sure it has plenty of openings, which will serve as vents for your register. Cut the mat to fit the size of your register cover. Spray paint the mat in your favorite color or use in its existing color. Attach two-way Velcro tabs to each corner of the mat and register cover. Then, stick the mat directly onto the large, unattractive register cover.

Outdoor Units

Curb appeal plays an important role in your home's overall value, so your heating and air units should always appear clean and in good working order. Use the following solutions to improve the appearance of your outdoor units:

  • Screens – Arrange a lattice privacy screen around your outdoor units. The hinged screens are easy to arrange around one or two units without taking up too much space. Do not place the screen up against the units as this will block the flow of air.
  • Landscaping – Create a flowerbed or natural area around your outdoor units. Use a tiller and edger to dig up the hardened dirt around your units. Install a few shrubs in your new bed. Boxwoods and gardenia shrubs add lush greenery to your bed. Also, consider a few colorful perennials that will bloom each year.

In addition to adding appeal to your home's exterior, shading your unit with landscaping can reduce energy costs.  Using shrubbery around your outdoor units can increase your system's efficiency up to 10 percent.

Heating and cooling your home is essential for your family's comfort, but the system and equipment does not have to be unattractive. With these unique ideas, you can add appeal and personality to your home's heating and air. For more ideas on unit maintenance, contact an air conditioner repair specialist.