what filter do you need for your furnace?

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Is Your Boiler Repairable?

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The first time that your boiler breaks down, you may not be concerned. But, if it happens a few times, you have to consider if it is worth having another boiler repair carried out. There will obviously be a cost to replacing it, but probably one to have another repair carried out as well. In the meantime, there are inconveniences around the house including: You have to boil a kettle to wash the dishes Read More»

Methods For Odor Elimination Using Your HVAC System

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When you think of odor problems in your home, you likely think about your carpeting or using a spray in the room. What you may not think of is using your HVAC system to help with odor elimination in the home. Here are a few of the methods you can use alongside your HVAC system and how they can help with any odor problems you may be having. Deodorize Ductwork Read More»