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Three Crawlspace Moisture Mistakes To Avoid

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For many homeowners, the crawlspace is the most often overlooked part of their home. If you have a moisture problem, ignoring the crawlspace can be a major mistake since often this is the source of the issue. The following are further mistakes to avoid when it comes to your crawlspace. #1: Installing a DIY barrier The biggest problems with a self-installed barrier are installation mistakes. For example, securing the barrier directly to the flooring joists or subfloors with staples or nails will leave small holes that work as a direct conduit to allow moisture into the floors. Read More»

3 Appliance Repair, Maintenance And Installation Tips

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When you need for your home appliances to be in great condition, it is vitally important for you to do all that you can to care for them. Sometimes, this requires bringing in the help of a licensed and insured set of appliance repair contractors. To make sure that these appliances are giving you the service and long term care that you need in your home, read on and apply these tips. Read More»

How To Get Rid Of Ice On Your Air Conditioner

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When your air conditioner stops cooling your home and you go to check it out, you might be shocked to find ice covering your unit. It’s surprising that ice would form on an air conditioner in warm weather, but it is actually a fairly common problem. While you can call an HVAC contractor for emergency repairs, there isn’t much he or she can do until the ice thaws and the parts can be accessed. Read More»

Visiting Senior Relatives This Summer? Check These Three Things To Make Sure They Are Ready For The Heat

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Whether you are staying with your grandparents during college break or taking a family vacation to see your senior parents, it is important to use this time to check in on their safety. While your loved ones may be determined to maintain their independence for as long as possible, it is possible that some parts of their household maintenance may have been overlooked. Since your loved one’s heating and air system plays a vital role in preventing heat-related health conditions, it is best to start there by checking for these signs that their unit could need repair. Read More»

3 DIY Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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Like any other appliance in your home, your water heater needs routine maintenance to reach its intended lifespan. Fortunately, water heater maintenance is a relatively easy task for any DIY-oriented homeowner to accomplish. Here are three steps you can take to keep your water heater running like new. Don’t Neglect the Temperature Setting You can adjust the temperature of your water heater using a dial on the side of the tank. Read More»

How To Test Elelctric Furnace Ignitors

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If your furnace keeps shutting off, the culprit may be the ignitor. Modern gas furnaces work with electric ignitors, unlike older furnaces that operate by pilots. After you raise the thermostat to a higher temperature, it should transmit a signal to the furnace to activate the ignitor.  The ignitor can wear out over time, causing the furnace to not stay lit. It is easy to test the furnace ignitor by following these tips. Read More»

Air Conditioning Preparation For Weird Weather

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In many parts of the United States, seasons just aren’t what they used to be. Chilly days reach into summer, while strangely hot days can interrupt snowy weather weeks. Comfort means an agile control of the air conditioning and heating systems, but budget can get in the way of the perfect indoor climate. If you’re having trouble with your current system or need suggestions for new installation, here are a few air conditioning options to weigh against your budget and convenience preferences. Read More»

5 Ways To Keep Cool While Waiting For AC Repair

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Having your AC stop working on a hot day is never an ideal situation. Hopefully your trusted air conditioning repair service tech is on their way, but in the meantime you need to find ways to keep your home cool without AC. Here are five ways to lower the temperature and keep your home and family comfortable until help arrives: Draw the Curtains and Blinds Your goal should be to create a cool sanctuary inside your home, which for now means keeping out heat and sunlight as much as possible. Read More»