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Adding Air Conditioning To Your Home

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Air conditioning is installed in most new homes when they are being built, but older homes may not have had AC installation if the house is older or if the area if the original owner didn't want it. Upgrading your home to add air conditioning is not difficult, but hiring a professional HVAC contractor to handle your AC installation is the best way to ensure it is done correctly.

AC Installation Service

The first thing you need to do is find a contractor to install the air conditioning system for you in your home. The job is not always simple, but a professional AC installation service can do the job without a considerable amount of interruption in daily life. 

Homes that originally had hot air heating systems and have ductwork installed already are the best candidates for a new AC installation because the contractor can use the existing ductwork to connect the air conditioning system. If your home never had any ductwork installed, the contractor will need to install some, but for retrofitting the house, they will most likely use a flexible duct that can bend and twist to get it from the ac unit to the vents in the ceiling or floor. 

Selecting an AC System

It is crucial that the air conditioning system you select for your AC installation is large enough to cool your home correctly. Sometimes a larger system will work better and be more efficient because it does not have as much stress on it, especially if your home is in a part of the country where the temperatures are extremely high, and there is a lot of humidity to deal with. 

It may seem like buying a smaller unit will save money, but that is often not the case, and making the ac unit work harder all the time could result in breakdowns that could have been avoided.

Talk with the contractor doing your AC installation about the best options and how large an ac unit is appropriate for your home. Your contractor will make a recommendation based on experience, not on cost.

When to Upgrade

Most people start to think about doing an AC installation when the weather starts to get warm, but if you wait until summer starts, you may find it hard to find a company that can do the AC installation for you. When the weather starts to warm up, most HVAC companies are dealing with servicing existing systems and making repairs.

A full AC installation is better done in the fall or early spring, and if you do find a company to do your AC installation in the summer, it will most likely cost more.