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Blow High Cooling Costs Out: 3 AC Tuning Tips To Reduce Energy Loss And Improve Efficiency

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The energy costs for your home are higher during the summer months due to constant use of the AC. Improvements to your AC will help to cut your energy costs and make your air conditioning more efficient. In addition to improvements like digital thermostats, regular servicing and tune ups are also essential to keep your energy costs low. Here are some AC tuning tips to blow your high energy costs out the door with the hot air.

1. Filter Changes and Cleaning Ductwork to Reduce Wear on Air Conditioning

You have heard it once and you will hear it again, changing the air filters on your AC helps reduce wear and improve efficiency. In addition to changing the filters, it is also a good idea to have the ductwork cleaned when you have an AC tune up done. Cleaning ducts helps keep the dust particles out of the air-conditioning system, reducing wear and problems on components of your system. Clean ducts will also improve air flow and prevent filters from quickly becoming clogged with dust.

2. Cleaning the Coils and Outdoor Units to Prevent Freeze Overs and Costly Repairs

Dust particles cause a lot of the problems with air conditioners. The dust collects on components like coils, which can lead to the system freezing. When you have an AC tune up done, ask the HVAC technician about cleaning the coil and other components of the condensing unit. Cleaning these parts that are often outdoors and exposed to the elements helps prevent freezing. If your AC does freeze over, turn it off and contact an HVAC technician because this problem can damage the compressor and other parts.

3. Checking and Charging Coolant Gas to Ensure the AC Is Cooling Efficiently and Effectively

The coolant gas is something that a professionally licensed HVAC contractor always must do the work with. Gas can sometimes leak or dissipate from an AC, which can mean that there is a leak and the compressor needs to be replaced, or it may only be that the system only needs to be slightly charged. Having the right amount of coolant gas will ensure your system is cooling your home efficiently.

These are some AC tuning tips that will help to keep your high energy costs under control. When it is time for maintenance to your air conditioner, contact an HVAC contractor, like one from Vigil Air, to do a tune up and ensure that everything is working efficiently with your AC.